Histor PaintCan

The patent for the paint can was applied for in 1886; 124 years later, the Histor PaintCan brought about a revolution. This square, plastic box with rounded corners is easy to open and hold, it pours without leaking and it is also an attractive display presentation.

The packaging is made of a special type of paint-resistant plastic. The print is applied by means of in-mould labelling, where a pre-printed label is placed in a mould. During injection moulding, the packaging and label become one, resulting in a smooth, durable finish without the use of adhesive.

The modified PET packaging is practical, cost-effective, environmentally friendly and reduces CO2 emissions by a factor of 3. The PaintCan, which was developed in close cooperation with PPG Coatings and WeLL Design, won the famous Gouden Noot award.