CSR? Naturally!

Based as we are in the beautiful Groene Hart (Green Heart) of the Netherlands, coroporate social responsibility is very important to us.

Use of materials

We advise our customers to use recycled materials like PET where possible. In other cases, biomaterials can be a good solution. 

Smart design

Smart product design also allows you to minimise environmental impact.

Honesty in business

Treat others as you wish to be treated, is our motto in dealing with customers, employees and suppliers.

Energy policy

Our energy policy is implemented throughout the company: from office lighting to, for example, energy-neutral cooling systems on the roof.

Working environment

Being able to go to a safe, pleasant workplace every day and enjoy your work – that too, is Omefa.

In society

We want to be a pleasant and responsible enterprise, not just for our own people but for the society we live in.