There have been many successful projects in recent years, from small to large products and in medium-sized or very large production runs. From purely functional solutions and products that contribute to a positive image and strong brand to products that contribute to a better environment in a smart way.

Royal Jumbo Group

4 games that are made from 100% post-consumer material.


Compact, high-quality distributors for sustainable heating and cooling systems.

Friso Kramer LED

Shade for the ground-breaking Lightwell outdoor lamp designed by this famous Dutch designer.


The SubTile is a product for artificial turf sports fields.

Insect trap

The secret of this smart and environmentally friendly plastic insect trap? Pheromones.

Nederland Schoon

A functional, safe and sustainable waste bin that is also a powerful communication tool.


Environmentally friendly, biodegradable crates for the protection of aquatic plants.

Warp Systems

Floor and wall heating with a low mounting height, easy to handle and without residual waste.


Discover how plastic combined with natural fibre contributes to sustainable energy.


Sustainable modern waste bin of recycled plastic which is suitable for separating waste

Rotaid 24/7

Solid housing of an AED cabinet, with a integrated communication system

Plus rack

Modern coat rack complete with hangers and hooks is designed by Robert Bronwasser.