Omefa’s SubTile wins the Rethink Award

Omefa's SubTile wins the Rethink Award

The SubTile is a product for artificial turf sports fields that can make the use of granules or granulate obsolete. Once laid together, SubTiles form a mat between the artificial turf and a foundation made from impermeable cellular concrete. In their basic form the tiles measure 75 x 75 mm. They are supplied for a large surface area and are made from 100% recycled materials, including artificial turf. At the end of its life cycle, the tile is completely reusable and therefore circular. The SubTile system is ideal for innovative sports fields that are irrigated from the underside and in the future, it will also be possible to extract and store heat on 6000 m² fields.

The NRK’s panel of judges issued a glowing report: ‘The judges are convinced that, concerning the spread of granules around artificial turf sports fields, the SubTile is a breakthrough. They sincerely hope that the SubTile will become a national success. For the producers, the Award is an extra boost as they have invested a great deal of time, attention and money in developing this product.’